Thanks for stopping by The String of Things. Take a rest from your own stuff for a minute.

It turns out I’m not much different than the strong, intelligent, loving and hilarious women I call my friends. We are all having heart-achey, mind-blowing, super blissful life experiences. We all have desires. We love our kids fiercely. We want depth and meaning in our work, marriages and friendships. We want to be seen and heard and loved for who we are; we want to belong.

What does set me apart is that I just happen to immensely enjoy the process of stringing those things together to create small stories that sometimes hit ya' in the feels. I find great comfort in shining a light on and giving language to the things that are hard to articulate; the things that leave us vulnerable.

I'm opening myself wide in an attempt at drawing more of us beautiful and complex humans together – we are, after all, connected by the same thread: love. Where there is connection, there is love.

So, thank you for showing up and allowing me to expose what’s inside.